Just because I’m asexual doesn’t mean I can’t find people attractive. I mean, someone’s milkshake may bring me to the yard but that doesn’t stop me being lactose intolerant.

Me, finally discovering the best way to explain my sexuality to my friends (via effaced-ace)

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Examples of the infamous russian sawed off, the Obrez (which means “cut”).

A common practice well documented within Russian history dating back to 1917 during the Russian Civil War.

At the time, Mosin-Nagant rifles were far more accessible then handguns. And bandits, partisans and revolutionaries eager to get their hands on an easily concealable weapon, had no qualms chopping down the 9 pound, 4 foot battle rifle down to pistol size.

While these modifications worked well for close quarter combat, the recoil was barely manageable and accuracy non-existent. 

There’s even a short shory written by a russian author, Arkady Gaidar, about a civil war commander who desperately needed stop his troops from turning their Mosins into Obrezs just before battle.

The commander ordered one of his men to personally take a shot at him with a freshly made Obrez, from fifty paces away. The trigger was pulled and once the smoke cleared, the soldiers saw that their leader was alive and unscathed. Ashamed by their idiocy, they went back to using their standard issued, full length rifles.

For more Obrezs:

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Ok now , come on….

If this is perfectly ok, then I want to see a skimpy costume Snake in the games.


Not to mention the skintight sneaking suits Solid Snake and Raiden wear.

I don’t think anyone can reasonably say the Metal Gear series objectifies women any more than they do men. 

Goddamn tho, Snake pulls it off so well. 

I still don’t like her design



food should be free. water should be free. housing should be free. power, fuel, electricity should be free. basic necessities should be free.

the idea of “people should have to work for a living” carries the implication that some people deserve to die


I love how direct this is. It says everything that people want to say, but that they aren’t willing to because they can tell it’s fuckin’ dumb



So yeah.  Mallory Blair takes pictures and hangs out with Moot.  Blair runs a PR company that acts as a promotional arm for Gawker Media.  Gawker owns Kotaku and Jezebel.

Moot shuts down all Gamergate discussion on 4chan.



damn not even 4chan is safe no mores

guess its back to 420/7chan for me

Fucking hell

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