ok so I met Tommy Wiseau and asked for a cheek kiss pic and he got really into it. he asked if he’d met me before and i was like “yeah once, you made fun of me for being short.” and he just totally ignores that and goes “haha you’re so beautiful can I pick you up?”

so he picks me up and starts just swinging me in circles while there’s a huge line of people waiting and I didn’t know what to do so I started singing “you are my rose” at him

not sure what else i expected from tommy. he gave me a necklace though. it says “you’re good but be better”

My friend was held in tommy wiseau’s arms.

you’re good but be better

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Three OUP Employees Pay Homage to International Coffee Day (Everyday)

The Fresh Pots Society (FPS) was born when three OUP publicists—Jonathan Kroberger, Owen Keiter, and Sam Blum—realized they had a shared fascination with coffee, caffeine intake, and general snobbery. Each afternoon, Jonathan, Owen, and Sam convene over a delicious French-pressed pot of their finest grounds and catch an afternoon jolt of much needed caffeine and conversation. The process of preparing such coffee can be quite laborious, however. To get a better idea of how we make our brew, see the series of gifs above.


The Fresh Pots Society

>Hand-cranked Burr Mill
>French Press


I actually normally make french pressed fresh ground coffee :3

Lay staring at the ceiling while the mooreage breakneck moves
past my journal
the incessant typing gives me no application
but pensive pests ponder factory angles
to swallow us up as productive members of society

No one wants to hear you unless you make it pretty
while the pastor’s treats are fleeting
the malefactor is considered the benefactor
and the fringe elements are the only ones who seem to make sense

So we wanna walk in grunge but I swear touching the honor is poisonous
because it seems like everyone who doesn’t sleep lives
and those who send a warning flare up fall down to be reaped by them new kids

But stop, make sure to smile, your the next winner
lottery lasts between the story,
cut a hole over the vegetables of another dinner
and you’ll get this and that in exchange for babyfat
this is what you worked for, aren’t you a now proud rat?




do you ever just get really worried of people you like not liking you anymore


a better question is do I ever not worry about this

The more i want someone to be a part of my life

the more I believe they’re gonna heel turn and walk away

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