Shift 2 Brands Hatch Indy

Just spent 15 minutes on the Brands Hatch Indy in Shift2 an starting Audi with some tweaks to the breaks and the shifter
My wrist hurts extremely bad now though, but man that was extremely fun

Also, I’d like to say that simply me on the track alone is awesome

Ordered two desktop mic stands

They’re inexpensive so I figured I’d try out two different types.

It’ll also encourage me to try to have people over to record.

Blah, only issue being that my best recording mic right now is my ribbon mic, but it’s a two way and not friendly to anything other than a pure recording environment.

It picks everything up >_>

Going to make a Minmatar RP character in EVE - Also I need to fight someone more

Probably tomorrow night. I have a gun show to go to in a few hours.

I just really dig the Minmatar in EVE even though they’re not into missiles so much. They use projectile weapons, shoddy looking ships, and their back story is interesting. They were enslaved by the Amarr because they fought amongst themselves as tribes. Sort of angry about that they now war with the Amarr (the Amarr are religious zealot types). The Caldari also border the Minmatar. The Caldari are a society run on military and efficiency, so while they Minmatar have respect for the Caldari’s fighting prowess, they hate them for their bullshit bureaucratic ways.

Then opposite the Minmatar are the Gallente federation. A federation that have a more free spirited, trade and artisan focus. The Gallente have the widest range of societies within it’s federation. The Minmatar seem to be at war with them least of the three.

I’m not sure precisely what it is about the Minmatar that I do like. I think I secretly want to me angry sometimes, so it feels good to RP someone who’s got a life of conditioning to kill and hate. I’m a peaceful person in real life who loves to physically fight. The opportunity rarely presents itself to spar with friends so I think I have a lot of built up adrenalin at times. Going off on my punching bag can be nice, but it really is absolutely nothing like taking shots to the ribs or side of the head. I know I’m ranting a tiny bit, but it plays right into it.

I really need to get back to journaling and writing more.


still-thinking-one said: expect constant crashing

Aside from needing to update video drivers I haven’t had a single glitchy thing happen.

hermeticz said: it’s so good dude you’re gonna have fun

I’m actually enjoying it a lot. I’m gonna play some of the campaign because I’m currently at work. I almost got teary eyed when I hopped in though. It feels so good.

I have a long list of games that I intend to play

Dead Space 3
F.E.A.R. 2
Planetside 2
Starcraft 2
Shogun 2
Sins of a Solar Empire

Painkiller Games
Air Buckaneer
Hard Reset
Zenoclash 2

The Undergarden
Septerra Core

Warland Airland Battle
Project Zomboid
Bob Came in Pieces
Stealth Bastard
PixleJunk Shooter

Gaming channel stuff

I think I’ll be dropping “True Emergence” as my name, and simply using “True Emergence Gaming” as a group name, and Alex Mackey as my online name. 

Most of my favorite outlets use their real names, and I don’t see a reason to be tied to the company name. Jeff Gerstmann, Vinny Caravella, Adam Sessler, etcetc

So that works